Different Types of Welding Machine


Every industry that revolves around metal and steel needs welding. It is a fabrication process in which materials like metal are joined using the fusion technique.

In the welding industry, weld machines of different types are used depending on the type of process because every welding process fits a certain need. That’s why a different machine is used every time.

If you are new to the welding industry, many welding machines are available depending on the type of welding process on the market.

In this article, we have gathered information about different welding machines and what they are used for?

So, let’s dig in deep to get some solid information.

Different Types of Welding Machines

Not all welding machines are the same; some work well in shops or homes, while others are used for commercial processes.

· Stick welding Machine

This welding process is simple, but you can face some difficulty while doing it. The stick welding process is perfect for open spaces or outside areas.

You can find these shielded metal arc welding machines with both AC and DC capabilities. The best thing about these stick machines is that stick welding machines are considered budget-friendly and affordable compared to other machines.

Stick welding machines you can get from Alibaba are often used in industries including home or farm, construction industry, pipeline work, and heavy equipment repair.

· TIG Welding Machine

TIG welding machine is also known as a gas tungsten-arc machine. This TIG machine demands both-handed operation to feed (filters) and hold (torch) the machine.

An external gas covering is available in this machine to keep them safe from welding impurities. It can be ideal for working with a flexible variety of metal widths. This TIG welding machine needs constant cleaning as it doesn’t work correctly if there is some dust or rust on its surface.

TIG machine is used in jewelry, art, motorcycle, aerospace, piping systems, and race car manufacturing industries.

· EWB Machine

EWB machine is perfect if you want to weld or join different metals, thick or thin, as these machines use precise and effective energy beams.

These machines are recommended to use in closed vacuumed places because the used electrical beam can cause damage due to its absorbing properties. If you are looking for a weld machine for personal use, this is not recommended since not everyone knows it’s safe and proper usage.

EWB is commonly used in aerospace, defense, oil and gas, automotive, medical, and power generation.

· AHW Machine

The atomic hydrogen welding machine demands the operational experience of the user. Otherwise, the machine can cause severe damage to the working place and items.

The working principle of this machine is isolated hydrogen gas fillers with tungsten electrodes. The electrical beam produces between these two opposite charged electrodes in the presence of hydrogen gas. And that beam/arc is used in the welding process.

This welding machine is less used than GMAW due to its cost. AHW welding machines are recommended for efficient welding of soft (stainless steel, nonferrous) and hard (ferrous) metals.


Above mention welding machines are some of the best and work perfectly with any kind of metal. Welding is a common process we see in our daily life. If you want to buy a welding machine, you can visit Alibaba as there are many good options available.

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