How to sleep on contour memory foam pillows

Top tips for sleeping on contour memory foam pillows

If you are considering replacing your traditional pillows with contour memory foam, you are not alone on this journey. Contour pillows are a unique set of pillows that is suitable for everyone, irrespective of sleeping position. Moreover, these pillows are trendy at the moment, and in this case, for good reasons.

Getting contour memory pillows is pretty easy too as you can buy them from . However, knowing the best way to use them without getting uncomfortable might be tricky. The tips here will help you.

Types of sleeping position

As humans, we all have different sleeping positions, which is known as default sleeping posture. For some, sleeping sideways is more comfortable, while others may prefer sleeping with their face up or sleeping directly on their belly. Nevertheless, there will always be contour memory foam pillows designed for you, whatever your sleeping position may be.

Best ways to sleep on contour memory foam based on your sleeping position

  1. For back sleeper

For back sleepers, sleeping on a contour memory foam should not be a big deal. You can make yourself more comfortable by making sure that the slimmer side of the pillow aligns with the head of your bed. Furthermore, back sleepers should make sure the pillow is positioned underneath their heads while lying down. This will make the neck rest comfortably in a natural position on top of the hump.

  1. For side sleepers

Before sleeping on the contoured foam, side sleepers must ensure the memory foam pillow is under the hallow of their neck. Anything other than this arrangement will lead to discomforts such as muscle pull, neck, and joint pain.

In addition, side sleepers should make sure the pillow placement is close to the top of the shoulder. This will provide the needed support for the natural curve of the neck, thus making room for complete relaxation and muscular rejuvenation throughout the night.

  1. For stomach sleepers

Ordinarily, sleeping directly on your stomach is not advisable irrespective of your pillow type. Notwithstanding, stomach sleepers intending to use contour memory foam need to get a pillow that has a lower side designed for stomach sleeping. However, stomach sleepers should understand fully well that contour memory foam does not perform magic. So, while these pillows may be helpful, stomach sleepers may be more comfortable with slimmer pillows instead of the big ones.

Why contour memory foam pillows?

  • Relief from neck pain

If you consistently experience neck pain while sleeping, then getting a contour memory pillow is all you need. This pillow is designed to adjust to your neck, head, and shoulders irrespective of sleeping position.

  • Relief from leg and knee pain

Contour memory foam pillow is ideal for those suffering from leg, muscle strain, hip, or knee pain. Also, it is suitable for people who prefer to sleep sideways and expectant mothers. Sleeping on a contour memory pillow foam helps you sleep in the perfect alignment, thus preventing you from damaging or causing pain to your joints and other parts of your body.


Before buying contour memory foam pillows, you must understand your sleeping position. The pillow comes in various designs and shapes, with each one designed for different sleeping positions. So, before buying the pillows, read through the manufacturer’s description to ensure what you are buying is what you need.

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