NBA 2K23 MT: NBA2K Tips for Success in NBA 2K23


NBA 2K is one of the best and most popular basketball video games on the market. What makes it so great? The in-depth gameplay, high replay value and excellent AI. With its new installment, NBA 2K23, developer Visual Concepts aims to keep players hooked by adding even more content to the game. The title continues to boost its value with new MyTEAM card packs that give players better cards at a lower price than before. In order to help you improve your game or find some useful tips, continue reading this article.

How to Get Free MyTEAM MT Cards in NBA 2K

As with any other NBA 2K game, NBA 2K11 and NBA 2K12 players can get free MyTEAM MT cards in NBA 2K23. Just make sure you complete all of the MyLEAGUE activities in the game. Here’s how to do it. The MyLEAGUE activities are the objectives that give you points towards your MyCAREER. They include creating a MyPLAYER, playing a MyTEAM game, creating your team and playing a match. To get free MyTEAM MT cards, you must play one match in MyLEAGUE, then you can get one free card from the pack you received.

Tips for Playing on an Amateur Level

On an amateur level, you have a lot more control over the game than you do on an elite level. This is because the computer is weaker and has less knowledge about the game than you do. At an amateur level, you can fake injuries, move around a lot on the court, switch positions and even make a personal appearance in the game. You can also try to make a shot or a pass that looks like it was meant for someone on your team.

Tactics and Strategies for Pro-Players

When playing with NBA 2K23 MyTeam cards, you should try to stick to the tactics that worked for your last MyTeam. In other words, keep playing the same cards and tactics that made you earn cards in the past. Additionally, you should check out what cards are dropping in the Marketplace and trade those cards to earn more MyTeam cards. You can also use the Trade a Card option to sell your unwanted cards and get other people to buy them. When trading, send cards to the owner of the card you want, then offer them cards that you think they’ll want as well. In addition, try to trade a card that you’re not interested in.

NBA 2K Tips for Beginners

If you’re a new player and just started playing the NBA 2K series, you should try to play with the Rookie difficulty setting. Rookie is the easiest difficulty setting and will get you used to the controls and the gameplay of NBA 2K23. If you prefer using a controller, then you should use the D-Pad. If you have a standard PS4 controller, then you can use the Left Stick for moving around and the Right Stick for moving the player. If you have a PS4 Pro controller, you can use both sticks for moving around and shooting.


NBA 2K23 continues to be one of the most popular and best basketball games out there. If you’re looking to improve your skills, or just want to have a lot of fun playing with your friends and loved ones, then NBA 2K23 is a great choice. You can get free MyTEAM MT cards in NBA 2K by completing all of the MyLEAGUE activities. You can also get free cards by trading unwanted cards, selling cards that you don’t want and trading cards with other people. You can buy igvault NBA 2K23 MT coins to get more MyTEAM cards. With all these in mind, you should have no problem getting into the game and having a ton of fun.

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