The working of pressure washers and their important terms


The pressure washers are widely used for cleaning purposes in professional washing shops and homes. They have wide range of uses and application in different fields. They have simple working principle by which they achieve amazing cleaning results. The different body parts of the pressure washer work in sync to form a working unit. The electric motor, the pump, the hoses and the nozzles of pressure washer together work to rinse off all the dirty stuff. The role of different terms like psi and gpm in the working of pressure washers is also undeniable. Good results would not be achieved if right values of psi and gpm are not used. And values of these terms are variable for different surfaces. All this detailed information about pressure washers can be gained from the, which provide various types of eye-catching pressure washers.

Understanding the working of pressure washer:

The pressure washers work on the principle of high pressure of water. First of all, water itself is a very powerful cleaning agent. It is because of its molecular shape in which 2 atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen are bonded together. And their molecule is polar in nature, due to which it is attracted slightly to other objects. Due to this their rinsing capacity is high. With the use of high pressure, they wipe of the dirt and stains from the surfaces in a matter of seconds. This high pressure is achieved by the pump and the nozzle. The pump is driven by the electric motor mostly. The gasoline driven pressure washers are used commercially, that make use of an engine.

The two most important terms of pressure washer; PSI & GPM

There are many terms that are used in pressure washing. A pressure washer user must be aware of these terms. So, he/she can use the pressure washer in the best manner. The terms like pumps, valves, psi, gpm, cleaning unit (cu) etc. are used. But we will discuss the most important two of them. And they are psi and gpm.

Brief explanation of psi:

Pounds per square inch is very common and most commercially used unit of pressure which is abbreviated as psi. It denotes the force in pounds that is exerted on an area of 1 square inch. This is the definition of pressure. SI unit of pressure is not psi, it’s Pascal. But, for most of the commercial uses and also in pressure washing, psi is used. In homes, the pressure washers are used with maximum range of 2000psi, because it’s enough. Otherwise, it is risky to use higher psi pressure washer, as it can cause damage to the family members.

Brief explanation of gpm:

Gallons per minute of water is abbreviated as gpm. This term is used where the flow rate of a fluid or liquid like water is to be mentioned. As in pressure washer, water is the main character for washing and it’s sprayed on the objects, so its flow is measured in gpm. The balanced and ideal combination of psi and gpm values is used for the best pressure washing.

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